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With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away we are excited and inspired to reflect on the powerful practice of gratitude. This month is a perfect time to feel appreciation for all of the blessings in your life, including the challenges that help us learn and evolve.

To celebrate this we are launching: NOW-vember.  This is a month long theme to help us live more fully in the now and explore how we can ground ourselves more fully in the most powerful moment there is: the present one. Within this moment lies the potential for anything and when we open the space in our lives, thoughts and bodies who knows what amazing things will happen!!

Stay tuned this month as we share helpful hints, inspiring ideas and daily challenges to help us all help our bodies and spirits feel more alive and to initiate lifestyle enhancements now instead of waiting for the New Year. We hope you will join in on this because we are all stronger when we do it together! Stay tuned for more info…..


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