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Crystal Singing Bowl Healing with Kate

Crystal Singing Bowl Healing with Kate

Last week we were honored to host a beautiful combination of Yoga and Crystal Singing Bowls. As Elizabeth guided us through her restorative Yoga for Healing sequence Kate played her singing bowls to provide a powerfully mediative soundscape. We will definitely be offering more of these collaborations in the future so please stay tuned!!

Click the link below to listen:

Singing Bowls played by Kate

After the class this is what people had to share:

From Kate:
When I think about my bowls I think about Presence, an essential element of Yoga. So, the bowls expand upon my personal yoga practice as well as my yogic offering. I feel that their greatest gift is this sense of presence.
As one listens to their unique sound, one is called to the present moment, clearing the mind and healing the body with transformational vibration. Somehow, I feel as if the sound aligns the molecules within my body bringing me both energy and relaxation.
From MC:
“What was amazing about the experience was how Kate and Elizabeth were so in tune with each other. “
From Linda 
The calming and soothing tones of the bowls, let me get to a deeper state of relaxation… Which then allows me to let go of tensions and thoughts; and become more aware of the vibrations emanating from the bowls and going through my body for a calm and peaceful sense of self-healing…”
From Tony:
 “When I listen, I feel spacious.  I see into deep space. My mind is still.  As the sound goes through my body it vibrates to a higher consciousness.   It’s a purifying experience and it excites me in a way that takes me to a higher level.”

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