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3rd Saturday Workshop: The Golden Pathway on May 17th @3:30pm

3rd Saturday Workshop: The Golden Pathway on May 17th @3:30pm

Join Elizabeth on Saturday May 17th @3;30 focusing a workshop to open the Golden Pathway of the Shushumna, the channel for Kundalini. All proceeds from the $30 free will be donated to the Women Helping Women shelter in honor of mother’s day.

The Shushumna runs through the center of the spine, it has energetic branches that carry prana (breath or life healing force) through the body to the crown of the head.  When enough pressure and heat are generated to open the Shushumna the Kundalini energy is activated and flows upwards harmonizing all the chakras and helping you feel a deep sense of peace, creativity, love and vastness.  This workshop will focus on the pathways of inner peace and creativity so that one can better manage one’s energetic body thereby your physical body.  We will learn how to live keeping our channels (our bodies) clear so that our life creates harmony with time and space.

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