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Be like the water…

Be like the water…

Standing under this roaring waterfall everything else is silenced and I am reminded of my truest self. The self that sometimes is hidden under all the noise, the stories and the busy-ness of life. This to me captures the truest essence of the practice of Yoga, being able to access what has been there all along: the quiet peaceful, balanced place we all have within.

The self that I am reminded of is ancient, powerful and gracefully fluid, like this waterfall. This self is the Warrior that continues on, rising to the challenges of life day to day, willing to learn, grow and transform. For many of us this asana: Warrior 1 or Virabhadrasana 1 is a perfect example of how life can pull us so many directions simultaneously.

The actions of the pose ask us to maintain a neutral pelvis to ground down into rooted feet and active legs, while lengthening  upwards through one’s spine, arms and gaze. NOW THAT IS A LOT GOING ON! While pose encourages us to do several actions at once that seem to pull us in opposite directions, it also instills the focus and determination to rise its challenges. 

If doing many things at once feels overwhelming, focus on one thing at a time, starting with grounded feet and a neutral pelvis to build a solid foundation from which the other qualities of the pose will emerge. As you practice this pose keep in mind the translation of its name Vira: Warrior and Bhadra: Gentleness to remind you of the depth of meaning in the work. To connect to the peaceful Warrior within, who is persistent and determined yet loving and soft with oneself and others.

With asana as our framework for exploration Yoga invites us into the present moment and once there, helps us access and recognize our own true strength, beauty and wisdom.

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