Body Alive Yoga & Movement Studio offers a variety of classes and unique yoga experiences with dynamic instructors.

From Saedene, Owner of “Maui Thing” in Wailuku:

 unnamed-1I started taking Megan’s Core Yoga class about a year ago and words can’t express how much it has helped me. Besides it being extremely convenient because of it’s location and time (I live and work in Wailuku), the class helps clear my head and nourish my body. By stretching and strengthening I find that my back is able to take the abuse of long hours on the computer. I’m also mentally refreshed and ready to take on the day. I believe that for woman my age, it is imperative to include some form of exercise in their schedule. Body Alive Yoga, hit all the right notes for my needs… convenience, core strengthening and mental balance.


From Megan, Co-Owner of “Wailuku Coffee Company” in Wailuku

1604514_10155289134900438_2584952286349139394_nI’ve always worked hard at keeping my body healthy and happy. I’ve tried many different types of exercise and diet. I finally came to my own conclusions on what real whole nutrition is and what my body likes and dislikes. I try to be true to my body’s needs and not my own cravings. The one thing I was missing was a regular work-out that I could fit into my busy schedule and enjoy. With the help of some amazing woman I finally got the courage to go to a yoga class at Body Alive Yoga in Wailuku. It is close to work and I could get there 3-5 days a week. After one session I was hooked. Any level you may be at is acceptable at this studio. As a brand new yogi I was treated with kindness and a regard for which level to be taught at. I saw that the teachers recognize my newness to the mat and offer level 1 poses for me. Once I had been practicing for a while they started to move me up in levels. This was never discussed but intuitively known by the teachers. I was so impressed by the ease at which my body took to yoga. How my body started to tighten and tone all over and my pant size decreased. I am so grateful to have a yoga practice with teachers whom I trust and a studio that is clean, close and well priced. Yoga has made me a better person. I have more room to breath, more space to be patience and tools to help me in tough situations. Its more then a work out for your body, its also expands your soul space. Thank you Body Alive Yoga and all the teachers that have given my knowledge and health.


From Teri, Owner of “If the Shoe Fits” in Wailuku:


I’ve been a runner for years and taken a ton of exercise classes, but it has only been since Megan Nolan and her Tone and Tighten class that I have discovered muscles I never thought I’d see again.

I feel stronger and more confident, especially with regards to my long term health and well being. Thanks Megan, for your thoughtful, well-rounded routines.



From Jen: Editor at “Maui Time” 

IMG_3728My journey to staying healthy is an ever evolving experience. Body Alive Yoga has been a part of my wellness plan since I discovered their hip urban location in Wailuku. The studio has helped me form the foundation of my well being with their various classes, from core workouts, to relaxing intuitive meditation, to healing yoga. No matter what mode my body seems to be in there is always a place for me in class. The teachers have quickly become a support team to help me find my way along this journey. The studio holds special yoga events, hosts juice fasts, and continues to bring new wellness technology and education to students. Everyone leaves their attitude at the door, and brings their best out on the mat. This nurturing environment has turned me into a student for life.


From Emily: 

Before…                           & After!!



IMG_4078 I moved to Maui the summer of 2014 to find the person I’d lost inside me. I was never one really to exercise and yoga was the furthest thing from my mind. Then I met Megan, personal yoga instructor from Body Alive Yoga. And I will have to say within the last 6 or 7 months I have never felt better inside and I have never looked better outside in over 20 years. I have been absolutely amazed on how yoga has taught me to clear my mind while I Inhale the future and Exhale the past. If it were not for the love and the joy that Megan brings to the sessions I would not of been able to do it without her. I am healing and becoming the person that I once was and I thank you each and every day Megan.


From Doug L: Managing Partner at Levin & Hu in Kahului:


Why Yoga? For me it was a direct comparison as I’d worked with a personal trainer for almost five years before discovering Yoga.  The difference came down to this: between workouts my body felt old and tired as it recovered, but with Yoga my body feels lighter between sessions.  It simply stopped making sense being sore all the time, Yoga allowed me to stay in shape and feel younger everyday.  The teachers at Body Alive Yoga have made a huge difference for me.  Not only technically capable, they’re all accomplished at setting the proper tone – which is so important for allowing your mind to relax as your body practices.  I highly recommend Body Alive Yoga!!


From Karla A: 

I happen to work in the area and so I found Body Alive studio. I was a returning student to yoga (honestly, didn’t think I needed it living on Maui) and had no idea how wonderful I would feel again – physically, mentally and, yes, spiritually. I am a devotee now of the classes, the instructors and the workshops; everything I have participated in has been exceptional. And my fellow students are wonderful too. The practice has become central to my life. Thank you Body Alive!!