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Time after time…

Remember the last time you were in a balance pose wobbling and weaving all over the place….did you feel strong? Probably not, but actually you were. Strong enough to continue on and stronger for having made it through.

Life is the same, the challenges we are presented with are powerful growth opportunities. When we are in the thick of a difficult time in our lives we can feel vulnerable, shaky and weak, as though we are struggling to make it through. But day after day (or time after time we attempt a pose) things get easier, and in time we feel the strength of our bravery and the steadiness of our persistence.

As challenging as it is to walk a path of self-discovery thats what we are doing: bravely putting one foot in front of the other, taking it one breath at a time and staying open to the lessons that life teaches us. As hard as it is to continue on sometimes, thats where the strength comes from: your willingness to try.

Sometimes sniveling and crying, other times elegant and ready: Yoga doesn’t care what you look like, all that matters is that you show up.

Try and try again, and eventually you will find the strength that you seek has been there all along…..

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