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The Yoga of Sitting

Over the past several millennium technology has had drastic impacts on our lives and day to day activities. Now that most information and modes of communication are right at our fingertips we can accomplish many things without even standing up. The amount of time the average person spends seated everyday has skyrocketed and because of the negative impact it has on our bodies has made sitting the newest health epidemic.

The impacts of sitting and a sedentary lifestyle are daunting and well researched, and can potentially have many negative impacts on one’s body, mind and quality of life. Therefore if sitting is part of your day it is a great way to integrate your Yoga practice into your life off the mat. Practicing postural awareness in everyday life is extra important while seated because it is a position that tends to cause us to slouch and pull our head forward (which drastically increases the load on your spine and quickly leads to neck and shoulder pain and tension).

Bring your Yoga to work with the following suggestions:

-set up your workstation mindfully: screen at eye level, with a chair that allows you to have: your feet flat on the floor, hips slightly higher than knees, elbows bent to 90 degrees, shoulders relaxed back and down and chin slightly tucked

-practice postural awareness by checking in with your body regularly, use a reminder to help with this, i.e.: every time the phone rings or you open your email

-get up and move as often as you can, at least once per hour and ideally every 15-20 minutes

-practice postures that help balance the effects of sitting such as lunge stretches for your hip flexors, cobra and gentle back bends to stretch chest and arm muscles and neck stretches to relieve neck tension

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