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Somewhere in the middle….

Somewhere in the middle….

I’ve been starting to notice a theme these last few weeks. As I listen to myself and other people talk, I have been hearing that people are working really hard at life; by challenging themselves to do more, work harder and take on lots of projects etc. And while this is very important for our continued growth and self development, it is also an extremely essential that we take downtime for self care and rejuvenation.

Not only is Yoga a perfect way to care for ourselves, but it is also an amazing way to practice finding the balance between work and play. By it’s very nature, the physical practice of Yoga is intelligently designed to activate our body in certain areas while simultaneously allowing stretch and release in opposite muscle groups. A well thought out sequence will allow your body the opportunity to alternate between effort and ease to encourage an evenness between strength and flexibility throughout your whole body.

The Yoga Sutra or teaching that explains the importance of this concept is “sthira sukha asanam”. This translates loosely to: within the asana there should be effort without tension and ease without dullness. Within every posture there is an opportunity to explore this concept, what muscles or tissues need to be active or working and where in our body is relaxing to find length and release. This delicate play allows us to find a softness in our strength that encourages deeper control and awareness throughout our whole being.

If we take the teaching a step further, we see it highlights the subtle importance of not pushing ourselves to the point of tension or stress, yet at the same time not letting everything go completely to the point where we lose our spark or drive. Yoga reminds us that within every moment we have the opportunity to find the sweet spot between putting forth our best effort and simply allowing the moment to flow with ease.

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