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Simple, but definitely not easy.

I recently took part in an Instagram challenge initiated by @SarcasticYogaTeacher that used only “Simple” Yoga postures. I loved the idea because most of the pictures one sees of Yoga in Social Media are very advanced asanas, which are very unachievable to the average population. And while beautiful and elegant, these complex postures can make the practice seem intimidating rather than inviting.

For me, the #simplyyoga challenge was a fantastic reminder of the beauty of “simple” postures, that although described in this way these postures are in no way easy. For example, to call Downward Facing Dog a resting pose drastically understates the complexity of the pose; in no way are you resting if you are fully present within the actions of the pose. This practice of getting back to basics reminded me that while Yoga comes easily to some bodies and some people, it is these foundational or “simple” postures that give us the baseline from which to learn and progress within the practice. When approached gently and with curiosity, these simple asanas reveal the beautiful subtleties of Yoga and show us its true depth and complexity.

Thank you so much Sean Harleen (@SarcasticYogaTeacher) for showing the world the humble side of Yoga, the side that keeps it accessible for most people and helps to further the mission of sharing the practice with all who are ready and willing….not just the extremely flexible.

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