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How many times have you heard the phrase “quiet your mind”? For most of my life that phrase seemed to just crank up the volume of my mind and send it into overdrive. “You want quiet”, it taunted….hows this?: as it loudly proceeded to run the laundry list of tasks forgotten, personal worries and doubts and even criticisms of not being able to silence my internal chatter.

It seemed for me that the only glimpse of stillness that I ever experienced was during asana practice when I was diligently combining all of the actions of a particular posture. Even this was frustrating because since my mind was busy with the tasks of practice I felt that I still hadn’t accomplished the task of finding quiet.

However as my asana practice deepened I came to realize that this elusive “quiet mind” was in fact very present. While practicing I was focused on task, concentrated on the present moment and able to notice quickly when my mind attempted to distract me.  With each breath I was very present within my body, striking the balance between effort and ease to find grace and stillness.

And there it was all along: the calm, vigilant focus that allowed for stillness in my mind. For many of us, the physical postures of Yoga are a doorway into the realm of great possibility. Our world is so busy and chaotic that we are longing for relaxation and quiet, and what better escape than to one that is always available to us?

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