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Practicing the pause….

So many times in life we are a faced with a challenging situation that gets us so wound up and upset that we react to it strongly, only to be left with regret and remorse for our actions and/or words. It is for these sorts of situations that Yoga offers us the powerful tool of pausing to observe.

As one of our beloved teachers Nicki Doane likes to say “asanas are interesting but what is far more interesting are our reactions to the asanas.” When we maintain a space of detached observation we can practice simply watching how our body and minds react during any particular moment on the mat. As we watch what is happening without getting caught up by it, we have the chance to pause and observe. This pause (whether brief or extended) gives us the opportunity to simply tune in to what is happening without immediately reacting to whatever has come up.

As hard as it is to practice the pause (whether on the mat or off), it is extremely valuable as it offers us the space to respond slowly and gracefully to what is happening. This space often brings with it a new found clarity and understanding that comes from a deeply authentic truthful place.

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