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Let it go……

Powerful advice that we give and receive all the time, but probably one of the hardest tasks we are faced with. As natural born story tellers and dwellers, our lives become a tapestry of experiences past, present and future. Whether painful or pleasent, these experiences offer us the chance to learn many lessons about ourselves, others and the dynamics of life. The hard part is to take the lesson learnt and move forward, taking brave steps into the future. Yoga offers us simple yet deeply profound technique to practice and hone this essential skill…..breathe.

On a very fundamental level each breath we take is an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves us and invite in what we do want into our lives. Whether it is the carbon dioxide of your exhalation or the release of guilt/sadness/painful memory, when you breathe out you are practicing the act of releasing, letting go, creating space. When your inhalation begins you are receiving the freshness of richly oxygenated air and the freedom and potential for new beginnings.

Little by little, breath by breath we have the chance to practice and refine the art of letting go.  Let out a big sigh at the end of practice and surrender into savasana and you will be reminded of how it cathartic it feels to finally be done with something and ready to move onto the next chapter.

The practice of Yoga is simply that, a practice. Practice for life both on and off the mat.

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