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Gratitude for every experience…

What if just for today you practiced gratitude for everything that happens to you?

Stubbed your toe? Thank you.

Saw a beautiful sunrise while walking your sweet little dog? Thank you.

Heard from a dear friend? Thank you

Good or bad, pause and find gratitude for anything and everything that happens to you today. This is an interesting practice that soon reveals a possible lesson waiting within every experience or moment. By pausing to appreciate life as it happens, we not only deepen our self knowledge and understanding but we actively enhance our present moment awareness. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude encourages us to slow down and appreciate each moment, allowing us to connect to it deeply and witness the beauty of life within and all around us.

Enjoy the imperfect, the uncomfortable, the strange, along with the elegant, the sweet, the beautiful. Appreciate all of this as the extraordinary gift of what it means to be alive and in the process become a witness to the beautifulness that is your life.

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