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Getting to the Mat

An interesting irony about life is that the busier we get, the more we need to take time to practice stillness. And yet, as our To Do list lengthens often the first thing to get cut out is Yoga.

However, The Dalai Lama likes to say that on normal days he meditates for 1 hour, and on extremely busy days he meditates for 2 hours ;)…. This reminds us that the days in which we feel like we don’t have time for Yoga are the days that we need it the most.

When we give ourselves time on the mat (for meditation and/or asana practice) we are serving ourselves. Although this may at first feel selfish, in fact it is altruistic because it ensures we can give more fully to others when we are replenished and taken care of.

Time on the mat centers and grounds us, allowing time to draw our attention inwards and foster a deep internal connection before the day begins. When we begin the day with presence of mind, it sets the tone for the hours ahead, helping to fill them with loving compassion and focused awareness. More than likely this calmness of mind and renewed energy will result in increased productivity, making the time spent on the mat so much more valuable and so very worth those precious minutes.

So the next time you find yourself trying to skip your time on the mat because you are: too tired, too busy, too whatever….remember that you alone are responsible for your health and well-being, and that by serving and caring for yourself first you will be better prepared to face anything that life asks of you.

Take time for Yoga, Take time for You!

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