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Finding an anchor in the waves of life

Finding an anchor in the waves of life

Just like the waves of the ocean, the waves of life are continuously flowing. These waves bring with them ever changing emotions, challenges and transformation. Depending on our personal situation and place in life, these waves of emotion can be uplifting and expansive or heavy and pull us down.

In the times when the downward spirals of depression are tugging at us or the frantic spins of anxiety threaten to whirl us out of control we need an anchor to ground us. An anchor that will provide a calm, safe place in these stormy moments giving us perspective and a chance to once again experience the calm that we know to be our true nature.

In these moments the rituals of the yoga practice serve of as a anchor that draw us back in and provide stability against the pulling tides of emotion. With practice the steady rhythms of ritual become a grounding force against these powerful currents and gently draw us back home to ourselves.

As you navigate these periods in your life, please remember that the tools of your practice are always available to provide you a calm place to rest amidst the stormy moments.

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