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Ancient practice with modern applications

It is continually fascinating to me how perfectly suited Yoga is for our modern world. There are so many reasons why and how Yoga helps us thrive and live well, that it seems as if they were perfectly orchestrated to meet the needs of a 21st century human being.

Here are just a few:

Yoga is focused on spinal alignment and prioritizes postural awareness. Over the past few decades technology has become so strongly interwoven into our day that we are seeing drastic increases in neck tension, shoulder problems and poor posture due to long hours spent slouched over our devices. Time on the mat can help correct these postural imbalances as well as teach us to be mindful of posture and check in with it regularity throughout our day.

Making use of the monkey mind. The nature of our world today is such that we are constantly bombarded with information and are well adept at multi-tasking. Asana practice makes use of this skill by challenging us to constantly scan our bodies, shifting our awareness around and within the different aspects of the pose while still maintaining an even breath. By making use of our minds ability to do several things simultaneously, Yoga allows us to experience mental stillness and focused awareness.

Slowing ourselves down. In a world of instant gratification and receiving information at lightening fast speeds, the practice of Yoga reminds us of the beauty and benefit of slowing things down. I am sure that we can all think of a time when we were rushing to get to class and how long it took us for us to get settled once we arrived on the mat, and the glorious sense of calm when we truly settled in. Yoga is a reminder that good things take time and that with patience and gentleness we receive lasting rewards. Also, by allowing us to experience stillness in mind and body we are given the experience of simply being, instead of constantly doing.

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